Haiti Hurricane-Appeal for Urgent Prayers & Disaster Aid

Hurricane Matthew made landfall in Haiti this morning, lashing the western shores of the country with 145 mph winds. This is the worst hurricane to hit the region since 1963!

Thousands of Haitians are seeking emergency shelter. Storm surges of up to 10 feet and torrential rain that could reach 40 inches in some areas is expected. The situation could create havoc in a country with an infamously fragile infrastructure.- ABC reports
This will undoubtedly create a whack of damage to our Haitian brothers and sisters homes and belongings. Haiti has not been hit full force with a hurricane for a few years, but this one is not passing by graciously. The hardest hurricane that we experienced severely hitting in 2005 wiped out our local bridge in Grand-Goave disconnecting the whole western arm of the island from the rest. In 2008 we provided shelter to countless families whose homes were completely washed away. Some survivors even arrived to our campus naked!

So please continue to pray! Our family are currently still in North America for 2 more weeks. Marc was just able to talk to our associate pastor by phone, Bazou, whose given us report that flooding is severe, trees have fallen on homes and have killed some people in town. The bridge to Petit- Goave the town after us, is already washed out. We’ve told them to open the campus for people to seek shelter. We will need your help to provide assistance to our community to rebuild homes, provide clothing and even food. Please consider donating now so we can respond immediately to this present disaster unfolding.

We will do our best to keep you updated as we get news. Please check our Facebook page: Lisa Honorat or Haiti ARISE Ministries or Twitter @haitiarise

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