Missionary Retreat- Day 5 Relationships Strengthened

keys and baby JeanneWe enjoyed our final morning at the camp on Friday and you could sense such a bond that has formed over the past few days. We all came together on Monday night and immediately needed to get through a major storm that took our power and water for a number of hours- no one complained.  Tuesday night we had a beautiful, extended worship night which drew us closer together. Throughout the week each of the missionaries were given a chance to share about their ministry and this allowed us all to connect to a deeper level. Wednesday had our regular day-time schedule with worship, teaching, meals together and free time but we finished the evening with Date Night for the couples which allowed for some solid relationships to rekindle. Thursday ‘s special function was a country square dance with a caller from Calgary and bandannas for all!  Dancing together or doing something new like this is a great way to strengthen a bond!

Friday we heard from the Elliot’s who were our last to share about their ministry.  Pastor Dallas led us in worship and Pastor Dan shared his final message from Revelation on the Vision of the New Jerusalem.  We finished with a short brainstorming session and sharing from Pastor Tracy, a time of prayer and we packed up camp and headed out.

peters lunchA large group met in Red Deer’s Peter’s Drive-In for lunch with the plan to enjoy our meal together then disperse until Sunday morning where we will all gather again to be introduced at church during the morning services and our final time together will be our Celebration Banquet in the Chapel Sunday for lunch.

God has been faithful! This has been a success based on the great feedback from the participants who enjoyed their time together, being fed in a number of ways and pampered in others. It is such a gift to be able to provide such a gift to these amazing people. Thank you CrossRoads for making this possible! Let’s do this again in 3 years!



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