Missionary Retreat Day 4- Pastor Jordan left and the Party started!

We’ve just wrapped up another day full of fun, fellowship and adventure. The morning began quieter than normal as all the kids were still out in Sherwood Forest for their camp out. When they came in this morning as we were finishing up breakfast they were full of smiles so we knew it was a success.

During our morning we were blessed with a number of missionaries sharing their stories which is always inspiring. Dan shared another message from Revelation on the Vision of Worship. New this morning was Pastor Tammy who came to lead worship with her hubby Dave. They led us in some great worship and included special songs for the kiddos!

Another new face today was Pastor Jordan Polson who came and shared a great word about how God fills our storehouses for the dry seasons. After sharing, the missionaries all had a chance to pray over Pastors Dan and Jordan which was a special time.

prayer for leaders

For fun this afternoon we brought in a square-dance caller and who knew it could be so much fun for our diverse group!  David, the caller from Calgary, taught us 16 of 69 of the moves. After a solid dance lesson we went for a delicious and well deserved BBQ (we have not been eating meat as we are staying at an Adventist camp) so we really celebrated having burgers). After we were well fueled we went and enjoyed our dance!


mommy and son

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