Missionary Retreat Day 3 – Caring for our Soul and Body

team photoThe sun was out today and what a difference it made! So beautiful, so warm, so inviting!  We just wrapped up another great day out here. What a solid team I get to work with- I am honored to work with them. This morning Pastor Stu took us through a 3-hour Soul Care session. This was a rich time of listening to God through a variety of ways: his Word, through Silence and Solitude, Worship, Prayer, Soul Friendship and Personal Reflection.

We let the words in Matthew 11:25-30 wash over us and minister to us and it was powerful. We were reminded that God says to us, If you are tired or worn out, we are invited to come, get away with Christ and we will recover our life through real rest because his yolk is easy. If we keep company with him we will learn to live freely and lightly.  I wish I didn’t need to be reminded of this but I do and many of us today needed this message.

Pastor Dan shared his next talk on Revelation which was on the Vision of the Throne. It was a fantastic word that helped us gain perspective on who our God, our Abba Father is, and that he is sovereign and on the Throne. While on the throne he does not panic about the things going on in our life or the world.  Therefore we also should not panic. He says, Fear Not!  He invites us personally to come to him, to know him and to name him.

mud facialAt various times when we met we again heard from a couple of the missionaries about their ministry and how God is at work. Great stuff!

During our free time in the afternoon another batch of people got relaxing massages and others got to try a Hungarian Mud Facial. From the looks of it, they were very soothing and relaxing!

Tonight was special as we sent all the couples off with a handful of cash and some good meal recommendations and sent them off for a Date Night!  Dan C and I took out those that weren’t here with a spouse.  All the kids stayed back and had roasted hot dogs over the fire and are now sleeping out at the tree houses in Sherwood Forest.



One Comment on “Missionary Retreat Day 3 – Caring for our Soul and Body

  1. Sounds like you have really planned this retreat really well and are making it special and super fun and relaxing for our Kingdom workers! God bless!

    Connie Malena, BRE, BASW, RSW Razzberry Consulting 53-27501 Twp Rd 374, Red Deer County, Alberta, T4S 2B1 phone: 403-357-8229(c) 403-886-2930(h) email: connie.malena@gmail.com

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