Missionary Retreat Day 2- Wonderful Worship

Wow, today was a full and wonderful one! It was our first full day together and  yet it is already feeling like we have been here for days. I am loving those moments where I get to watch everyone as they fellowship and feed into each other.

Some highlights from today include worship and devotions in the morning led by Pastor Dallas which was a wonderful way to begin our day and was just a taste of what was to come. Next, we heard from Pastor Dan who shared the first of 4 messages he has prepared for us. What a wonderful morning!

Throughout the morning and early afternoon a number of the missionaries were given a chance to share what God is doing in their ministry and/or life. This is a sweet time for us to be encouraged by their God stories and also a chance for us to pray for each of them individually. I took a session to review a few highlights over the past year and unpack a bit of what is coming in the world of CrossRoads’ missions.

During afternoon free time a few ladies were treated to a relaxing massage from a woman from our church who agreed to come and bless us with her gifts. Some enjoyed walks outside as the rain cleared a bit, others took naps or read all while I was able to meet with a few for pastoral care.

The main highlight was a surprise from Dallas and his Worship Team.  A few came early and totally rearranged our meeting room so it was cozy and inviting. Then by 8pm we had 15 members of the worship team here to lead us in an amazing time of worship!  It was such a sweet time. God was so present. We praised His name in a number of ways, through song, prayer, tears and petitions. It was a total gift and one that will have incredible impact on our group.  IMG_3486

We are so thankful for this space, this time and those that are pouring into the missionaries so they can be reminded they are not alone, they are valued, loved and supported and they have the freedom to receive this space to rest.IMG_3495



One Comment on “Missionary Retreat Day 2- Wonderful Worship

  1. May god presence continue to cover all missionaries brothers and sisters and those caring for them.

    In our prayers


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