Teen Camp – Tuesday

Students gained more momentum in friendships built today! Following time spent worshiping through music in the morning, Pastor Jason Frizzell from CrossRoads Church shared the story of Esther. He reminded students that she was a young lady caught in the middle of turmoil and trial and was likely asking God “why me? Why is this happening to me? Why am I even here?” And that she did not know her “why” until after she became Queen of Persia and was able to persuade King Xerxes NOT to kill her people. She saved thousands of life, but it wasn’t until she made it through her struggles and trusted God, that she saw the great plan He had for her.

Pastor Jason Frizzell teaching us about the life of Esther.jpg
Students took time in their cabins, to chat about the trials they might be experiencing or the struggles they’re currently asking God “why?” About and then took time to pray for one another.

One student said, “Our cabin leader asked us to partner with someone we didn’t know and ask how to pray for them. I made a connection with my partner and shared a bit of my story with her too. It was really neat.”

Another student mentioned, “The kid in our cabin who didn’t open up before, shared a struggle going on at home and we were able to encourage him and pray for him. We reminded him that God has a purpose for his life.”

The afternoon was spent in breakout activities and slip n slide kickball was a huge hit! Even when activity time was over, most of the students stayed to slip and slide and have a water fight. Perfect end to a fun, sunny afternoon!

Slip n slide kickball.jpg
At night, students and leaders gathered around the fire pit once more for camp songs, worships songs and to hear the testimony from Ryan Oborne. Ryan shared about how the Holy Spirit has transformed his heart and mind, given him a purpose for life and inspired him to play guitar and join the youth worship band. Following this time of sharing, students were invited to stay around the campfire and worship or pray or just sit and be with Jesus.

Words students used to describe this time – “Impactful”, “Special”, “A new kind of feeling”, “God spoke to me personally.”

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