Opportunity to Pray for our Muslim Friends in Jesus’ Name

Hopefully you’ve heard  about Ramadan, one of the key holidays of Islam. It starts this year on June 6 til July 5. Practicing Muslims will fast from all food, drink, even water during daylight hours. The month is concluded with Eid al Fitr, which is a time of much feasting and celebration. Muslims seek God more than ever during this month, with increased prayers and perhaps reading through the entire Qur’an (about the size of the New Testament).

It is a significantly spiritual time to be praying for Jesus to make Himself known to them as they are seeking the forgiveness of Allah.

We want to be increasingly purposeful this year in meeting together frequently as believers and praying frequently. Our prayers are being answered, God is on the move. We want to see His kingdom come in this city, to our increasing Muslim community, and pray it spreads throughout this country. We need Him and we need to be faithful to our calling.

Tell your friends who might also be interested in joining. don’t be afraid to tell your Muslim friends you are praying for them especially this month. Praying that they will find the Truth and forgiveness they are seeking! Your love and words of love may be the doorway Jesus plans to take to step into their hearts and lives.

You can also pray specifically using prayer guides available at the Missions Kiosk.  30 Days of Prayer | Pray 30 Days for the Muslim World


Thanks all. I appreciate your prayers as well.

Praying with you.


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