Young Adults Mission Trip in Tanzania

The People You Live With

Our young adults team doesnt have much time to wait on slow internet so they are sending messages to me, and I will post them on here.

May 13 – GO! In 15.75 hours the team will depart and be on route to Africa. We ask that you pray! As we look forward to the adventure that awaits!

May 14 – We’ve landed in Montreal and on route to Zuirch. These are our lay over faces!


May – 15  Today, we read Ephesians 3:14-21 in the alps of Switzerland as we awaited to board our flight to DAR. As I lead this team, I pray God fully activates them to grasp such love, beyond knowledge, and sows seeds of love into the lives around them. For example, we walked towards our gate and in the processes helped a middle aged lady to her gate. As the tears rolled down her…

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