Heading Home

Firstly, I want to assure you that your friends and family who are in Greece are all safe and asleep in a hotel in Athens.  I am starting this letter to reassure you, because soon you are going to hear some reports of rioting and other violence in the Moria camp where the team has just 24 hours ago, departed.

I have 2 first hand reports, but am not going to publish them without the express permission of the authors; in brief, some of the minors broke out of their camp and started many fires, along with the throwing of stones and brandishing of anything handy looking like a weapon.  The family camp was stormed, and in general much confusion, anger and frustration was released in the 2 hour riot.  The police were called in, tear gas was used.  The women and children have been moved to another camp, and are safe.  As far as I know, all volunteers are also safe and unharmed.

Quote from one eye-witness: “And also…Gods protection was so dang evident. After the riot there was so much peace and stillness. We literally felt the prayers of everyone praying and we even had our prayers that we were praying in the middle of the chaos answered! The volunteers did a freaking fantastic job tonight and I’m so thankful and honored to work with a brave, compassionate, world changing crew!”


Please pray for the EuroRelief team and leadership as they respond to this new development.  More than anything, pray for the refugees in this uncertain time.

Our team will be departing Athens in roughly 9 hours enroute to London.

One Comment on “Heading Home

  1. Praying for safe return and for EuroReleif and all left in the camps. Psalm 91:1-2

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