The Journey Continues…. Lesvos

Day 4, today at Main camp. We started the day with a new system, we distributed family paper coupons for food, tent by tent, early this morning based on how many people or children were in each family, to account for the number of meals to be prepared and delivered. If they did not have their coupon, they won’t be able to get their food. It was a new system but I felt the entire team of volunteers did very well and quick within an hour.

My team and I were given different tasks, we have the clothing tent, information/housing tent and family compound tent, that’s divided into 3 sections, 1-3, I served in family compound 3. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served, the meals at times don’t have the best nutritional food, and however, there is still food available. Delivering food is a challenge, why, everyone wants more, some say they are still hungry but some say they are too greedy. That puts me into a dilemma, I look back into scripture, when God provided food for the Israelites, He said take only what you need.

Besides the family compound where food is being delivered, there are many others who are waiting in the queue to receive their food, mornings are chilly, afternoons are hot, most of them still finding a place to sleep and to be clothed. My dear friend David said this earlier, most of them have horrible past and a very uncertain future, they have risked everything they have to understand what life is again.

Issues still at large within the camp are: common colds with the children, rash on toddlers commonly around the groins, conjunctivitis, heat rash on arms and legs, minor lacerations, contusions, abrasions, injuries from scuffles, newly pregnant mothers, let’s stop for a moment. I am blessed to serve in the Children’s ministry at CrossRoads and when a kid cries or throws a tantrum on wanting something, having clothes, shelter, toys and I look at the children in this camp, I see happiness when I just put my hand on their shoulder, that’s more than enough for them, some will say I cannot be comparing, the circumstances are different but the principle is the same, to be loved.

I heard today around dinner, how my teammates and 2 amazing friends who joined our team from Texas, Chris and Amira, all who are like family to me now, have had a task put ahead of them, where they’re capability and responsibility just flowed naturally, I thought to myself, how amazing is the God we serve as He chose the right people and allowed us this work. I had some minor injuries to treat, medical care is a challenge in main camp, like needing creams for rash, medications for upper respiratory infections. I brought along a tiny first aid kit treating as many wounds, cuts, examining injured body parts, bloody nose, which I am grateful to treat, it brought hope that the volunteers are showing love, compassion and time for them.  Above everything, we are blessed to be instruments of God, serving them as Jesus came to serve mankind.

Prayer is best weapon we will continue to have, to trust in God even when we are not sure what the future holds for estimated 3500 people in camp.  Please continue to pray for direction, for the leaders of the European Union, people in main camp, Greece and my last but not least, my family from Crossroads Church.

Love, faith and hope,

Kelvin J


Note from Pastor Tracy- we have been asked not to post pics of refugees or the camp so we are respecting this, thus the lack of photos from our past 3 days. But be assured we are taking lots of mental pics of the special people we are working with and serving.

But here is our awesome team!!! Minus our newest additions, Amira and Chris…. we will get them in here next time!IMG_4640



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