Our Day in a Word- Another Lesvos Day

Today we went to Moria, from here on out termed ‘the main camp’. Currently there are approximately 3,200 residents even though the camp is at capacity at 3000. Today I think I may have witnessed 3 unaccompanied minors be given the ticket to a new life, rumors have it they are going to Germany. So there are perhaps 3 less people today, but then there were 97 new arrivals.  The camp is bursting at its seems and there are not enough tents and I met many that slept in the open last night, there is not enough shade as the sun beats down at 24 C or 75 F, there is not enough food or men’s shoes or toys, there is not enough stimulation for people, and finally, there is not enough hope.

This is a difficult place. We chose to come here and we knew our hearts would break. However, each and every one of us are eager to get back tomorrow to do the same thing- to serve as best we can to those that currently have little to nothing. But today was a hard day. Many of us were brought to tears at times as we let the current realities of these people sink in.

As we finished what felt like such a lavish dinner at our hotel, we reflected on the day and each shared a single word that we felt described our time in the camp.  These give a little bit of a view into our day:

  • Chaos – specifically referring to the environment in Unit 2 Family Housing
  • Eager – these people are so eager for some stimulation (work, schools, play.. anything but what they have right now)
  • Control- or lack thereof, they have none. Everything is decided for them.
  • Helpful- even though they are struggling, many are willing and read to help us as we do our jobs
  • Perseverance- they will not stop asking, they wont stop trying, they can keep at it
  • Courage- they are filled with so much
  • Moving- we were moved to tears
  • Helpless- we felt helpless and hated saying no or I don’t know to so many
  • Trapped- in so many ways, physically, emotionally, etc.
  • Privileged- we can come and go from this place and that, we can go get food when we want and make choices….we wear a badge that says Euro Relief and we carry certain passports
  • Contrast- so much between our lives, their lives today and their lives before this journey

Thank you for your prayers. Our team is doing well and we continue to trust that as we try to live out Matthew 25, God will work through us and use us to be a light and hope to those we interact with.

Blessings, Pastor Tracy

One Comment on “Our Day in a Word- Another Lesvos Day

  1. The words ripple effect have come to mind when I pray for your team and the refugees. You are releasing God’s love and many things seen and unseen are happening for the Kingdom! Bless you guys!

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