Team Rwanda 2016

The Rwanda team left on 19 February, landing in Kigali on the 20th.  They have arrived safely, and are fully engaged with our partners, World Relief, on the ground.  They are currently having some difficulty in connecting to the internet, and so are unable to blog for themselves.  What follows is a combination of notes sent to the Missions office, with some photographs.

From Bob Allen, World Relief, Rwanda:

I hope you are well. The team arrived safely and we have kicked off our week in excitement and joy of serving together (They are a great team).

1st day: we met the Church Network and also gave out goats.  Also we met the women that weave clothes that we met on the 1st trip.

2nd day: We had a common activity that brought together different pastors and church members to support each other in building a house for a widowed Mother who had 5 children but 2 died.


From Pastor Ken Lehman, CrossRoads Church, Rwanda Co-lead 2016

We have journeyed through two deeply stirring days for all of us team members. Yesterday we drove into the Bushenge sector in the region of Nyamasheke and attended the first quarter of the year business meeting for the church network (CN). A good number of pastors and church leaders were in attendance and each shared specifically how they had as churches, helped the vulnerable in their community. What so impressed us all was the simplicity of the stories of help, yet how powerfully each declared the glory and love of God, resulting in life transformation and unity among the believers. God is up to something great in Rwanda! Following that meeting we witnessed how the youth in the church family are taking seriously their responsibility to love their ‘unlovely’ peers to Christ by reaching out to them in relationship with them. Other ministries were shared that are resulting from the believers practically caring for the vulnerable in their area. It is so powerful! I wonder what God is going to bring to the surface for us as a church family as we continue to journey with World Relief in Rwanda. He is up to something great!

We love each of you and thank God for your support.

Ken and team

Church Network

Meeting with the Church Network

giving of goats 1 (best)

The Giving of the Goats to the Orphans and Vulnerable Children

Neila & Jenna carrying wood (best)

Neila and Jenna carrying wood for the house

Chris in house construction

Chris building the house


Chris in hug with owner of new house

Chris, hugging the new house-owner

team praying and blessing the home

Praying and blessing the new house


2 Comments on “Team Rwanda 2016

    • We are thinking and praying for this team daily! So good to hear and see pictures of this team in action in Rwanda! Amazing!

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