Matthew 25

Today we lived out Matthew 25 where it says “I was naked and you clothed me”.  It was a very windy morning and fairly cool, so we thought we might have an easier shift in the clothing tent because surely no one would risk crossing the waters today. We were wrong. The clothing tent  is one of the hardest areas to work at Moria, and there is always a line up.  But when a group of people come soaking wet from head to toe you know why you are there.  One man had only a blanket wrapped around him. Another was shivering so badly we didn’t know if he would make it.  Moms with tiny babies wrapped in blankets but soaking wet underneath.  They became priority number one.  We had to find clothing for them from top to bottom.  We found out that it was a five hour boat ride and the fifteen or sixteen year old was driving.  He looked shell shocked.

I can’t imagine how bad it must be for them to risk crossing in such bad waters.  You don’t want to ask them too many questions because they seem so fragile at the time.  But we clothed them and got them warm, and smiled at them and welcomed them all in the name of Jesus.


One Comment on “Matthew 25

  1. We are holding you all up in our prayers. I cannot fathom what your eyes have seen or your hearts have endured….blessed are those who mourn, those who suffer, who thirst for justice for they will see God.

    “If we do not show love to one another, the world has a right to question whether Christianity is true” Francis Shaefer

    Nowochin Family

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