Such a tiny offering


Today is  a day of much reflection.  There was a mix up in Eurorelief Schedule and most of our team ended up putting in an 18 hour day at Moria yesterday.    The other 5 have worked two nights in a row at Moria.   We have seen and experienced things that have changed us.  Even though our day was difficult and hard we know that God was present.

The buses to Moria did not stop coming all day.  There were 700 in camp when we arrived at 8:00am and an estimated 4000 when we left at 1:00 am and they would continue to come through the night.   It was mostly Syrians arriving last night – wet, tired and bewildered.   There was of course no room for them.  Hundreds upon hundreds sleeping alongside the roadways inside the compound and next to buildings.   It rained in the night and so I can only imagine what that must have been like for those sleeping in the open. Many of them with children.

We were told that there are many more children than usual – I don’t know why.  The camp ran out of formula for the babies yesterday.   For those of us working in the clothing tent we ran out of shoes to give to those who arrived with wet shoes – or no shoes.

We heard many stories.  The little 5 year old boy who arrived without his parents.  When we inquired where his Mom and Dad were both times a slashing across the throat motion was made.  We tried to comfort families who didn’t want to be separated for the night because of the unfamiliar setting and the fear of not finding eachother in the morning. We hugged a single woman who clung sobbing to one of us because she was so fearful.   We heard heartfelt thank you’s from those who received dry clothing for their babies and a room for the night – even if it was just a mat on a cement floor.  We heard laughter and giggles as we played soccer with the boys and blew bubbles with little girls.  We saw  tears and heard tones of frustration in long lineups, we observed children and women being physically mistreated.  We held babies with beautiful dark hair.  We cheered when we saw a raft make it to shore and we cried when we saw one be towed back to Turkey.  We smiled into tired and confused eyes and tried to be Jesus through the giving of a cup of tea or cold water.  We felt worn out and very inadequate at times.  Our offering is so small in the grand scheme of these peoples experience.   Our hearts are full.

The team is working well together and are so supportive of eachother.   They are serving and caring for eachother.

God is doing His good work in us and although we are stretched and at times start to feel overwhelmed we remember that we have the prayers of brothers and sisters surrounding us.  We are thankful to each one of you who have supported us and are praying for us. God is with us and in us and using us and growing us – for His glory and for His Kingdom’s advancement – even though our offering may seem so small.

Because of grace,


2 Comments on “Such a tiny offering

  1. I am feeling your pain (I have tears) and your joy (I’m smiling) with you as I read your news. We are working with 2 Syrian refugee families here in RD and it gives me a new appreciation of the miracle of their arrival. Thanks for your hard work and may God continue to be with you!! Connie (and Guy)

  2. Thanks for the update Laurie. You painted a great picture for us so that we can pray for you and the team, and those you are caring for. Bless you.

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