Prayer Requests for Greece Team

Hello Church,

On behalf of the team that is currently in Greece I would like to ask for your prayers. They have arrived in Lesvos and have worked a few shifts but are experiencing a number of health and logistical issues.

Just to give you a brief rundown of some of the challenges they have faced, a phone was left in Athens, a member almost ended up missing the last flight as he was told at the last minute to just carry his bag on as it wasn’t very large and so it went through the scanner and of course it picked up the three large knives he had brought for cutting up dinghys.    He was of course detained and we all went ahead knowing he would have to follow later – if he was allowed.   God made a way and just before the doors of the plane closed!    We are so thankful.

One member has been suffering from a migraine for a few days and unexplainably another has swelling on her neck.  We would ask you to hold the team up in prayer, for their health and all the plans around them. We are their church and we are their family- let’s pray!

One of the members said, “Today we witnessed many emotions on the faces of the refugees we encountered.  Fear in the eyes of a young man holding his baby close as he walked up the hill, fatigue in the eyes of a Mother as she rounded up her little family to enter the gates of the family area, gratitude in the eyes of many as we showed them to their rooms for the night and the mischievous twinkle in the eyes of a little boy.”

Pastor Tracy

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