A Sense of Community

This morning while I was walking into Moria Refugee Camp, there was a sense of foreboding; the military and police presence was the first thing that I noticed that gave a general sense of unease.  We walked through the entrance and to our positions carrying multiple boxes of bananas unsure of what the day was to bring.  I volunteered to work in the tea tent unsure of what that meant.  Anyone who knows me, knows I don’t drink tea or make tea, so it was sure to be an interesting day.  The past few days have had no refugees come due to the high winds, but today was still and calm and we knew that there were be a high probability that many people would be crossing today.  And we were right.  Estimations are that 600-1000 people came to the camp and they were hungry and thirsty and we were quickly overwhelmed with the needs of these people.  But what was in contrast with my initial feeling of foreboding was the feeling of peace and community in the camp.  I witnessed police officers giving refugee children high fives, military personal moving out of the way to allow a family to pass (instead of making them walk around them), volunteers from around the world play soccer, pick up crying children, put their arms around tired people, and me (with my coworkers) give them something as simple as tea and biscuits but giving them so much more.  It is hard to describe the opposing scenes of wire fencing, barb wire and military with the calm and peaceful feeling that was there.  It is beyond anything that you can think is possible and yet I have witnessed it.  How much more so will we experience community when we go “home”? I think that today, in the midst of such a great travesty, I got to see a glimpse of what heaven will be like.


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