First Days

After our arrival here yesterday on February 14th, we were taken on a brief tour taking in one of the beaches and up the mountainside to a place called the graveyard. The graveyard is where the life jackets, (four hundred and fifty thousand of them) and damaged boats are taken and dumped in a gigantic pile. It is sobering when you pick one of these up and realize that every one of them represents a human being that risked every thing to get to this place and many who did not survive the journey.


I was totally broken after this experience, realizing how much God loves each and every one of them.

Today, February 15th, we did our first shift at the camp at Moria, an old prison. Katherine and I started our shift in the Tea Tent (definitely not StarBucks!), and were immediately blessed with serving the refugees and seeing the people that occupied some of those life jackets. A little two year old girl and her three year old brother frequented the Tea Tent quite a few times! They would sit beside me on the step and enjoy their tea and I even got a nice hug!

We had an awesome day serving people, cleaning, sorting, playing soccer with kids and adults, and building shelves.

Jeff P.


2 Comments on “First Days

  1. thank you for this connection. totally heartwarming to hear of the tea tent and hugs. totally terrible to see all the life jackets and boats. continuing in Him believing for you both and entire group safety and His protection and will all the way! and into new hearts for hope. GCook

  2. Blessed by your story Jeff! The simplicity and trust of little children is a great reminder to all of us who are called to “simply trust” Jesus!

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