Choosing where we put our trust

Well, today  (Friday) is the day that Dan and I and our team head off on our mission trip to the Greek island of Lesbos. We’ll be working with Greater Europe Mission and Euro Relief in helping the refugees who arrive on this island by boats from Turkey. We won’t be working on the beaches, but we’ll be at the camps helping to get them warm and dry and fed and cared for. Are we looking forward to this? Absolutely! Are we somewhat nervous? You bet!
The whole issue of the refugees here in Canada and in Europe is very controversial. We’ve heard comments from people fully supporting our efforts to go, and also from those who question why in the world we’d want to help ‘those people’. I can see both sides of this issue. On one side you have innocent people fleeing for their lives in search of a safe place to raise their family. They’re leaving everything familiar in hopes of finding a country that will take them in and let them do just that. On the other hand there’s the fear of letting in the radical Islamists who wish to do us harm. Plus the fact that our economy is struggling with many out of work (especially here in Alberta) and now the government wants to give what few jobs there are to foreigners. Not to mention the issues of housing and health care, etc. I get it! But when I read my bible, it continually tells me to ‘fear not’, and to feed the hungry, and to extend the hand of hospitality. So, in obedience to that, we are choosing to put our trust in God both here and in Lesbos for a couple of weeks. How can we do anything less?

Written By Eileen

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