Seeing Jesus in Me

It’s amazing how weeks of preparation, planning, and time praying readied me for my time serving here in Greece. Time spent so I would be prepared to pour my love out on the refugees, as well as the other volunteers, just sort of all melted down into one crazy hour of our last day at camp. Of course, there’s way too much to write in this small contribution to the blog, so I’ll have to share some of the delicious details in person later.

‪One particular moment comes to mind that I feel I will remember for a long time. Although I had been stationed at the front gate, after the first vanload of refugees came through, I had the opportunity to leave my post to help out the other volunteers and mingle with the refugees. I had been passing out food to them and as I passed out the cups of stew, the appreciation in the eyes of weary parents blossomed as they watched their children hungrily reach for food and begin eating. The looks of fear and anxiety began to soften and soon. Shy smiles began to appear. My spirit soared. This was truly it!

I was giving a middle-aged man some food and he gave me a grin and a heavily accented “thanks.” He pointed to his shoes that were obviously too small and soaking wet. We were standing near the clothing tent and soon with the help of the ladies working there, we had a few pairs for him to try on. As I helped him try on the different pairs of shoes he gave me a sad smile and began to speak. After a few tries I realized that he was talking about his son. He motioned that his son was involved in a struggle and that he had “gone up.” At that moment, the man pointed skyward. His sad countenance led me to believe that his son had been involved in a struggle or something of that nature, killed earlier on and wasn’t able to come along. I introduced myself and shook his hand. He pointed to his chest and said “Oddam.” He seemed to enjoy my company and we spent time visiting together, each in our own language, gesturing wildly and soon laughing together. It was strange, but in a wonderful way. We didn’t understand much of what each other said but somehow, we talked to each other for a while. It was a moment that will replay in my mind for a very long time. The look he gave me when it was time to go was one of gratitude and warmth. I don’t know what his story is, where he’s going, or who his God is. But I believe God intended for us to meet. My only hope is that he saw a small glimpse of Jesus reflected in me.

Justin B.

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