One Last Dirty Pot

Today my obedience in faithfulness came to a crossroads at a dirty pot. I’ve learned more about faithfulness this week than ever before as we have done anything but what we thought we were coming to do. Faithfulness to continue to walk in obedience that had yet to, if at all, pan out the way I pictured it six days ago. Today we were on our only 24 hour shift and were going to finally interact with refugees. Yet this day, which saw every visitor come to the camp except refugees, found me at hour 23, and still no refugees. Faithfulness in coming, preparing, in waiting, but still no refugees. And then it happened.

The Father asked me to wash a dirty pot. In fact, the next shift showed up early and we were as a result leaving earlier than expected, and still no refugees. We had spent the night waiting, praising, praying and keeping warm, but still no refugees.   And in the effort at the end of shift to leave the camp cleaner than we found it we worked frantically to finish well, and still no refugees. Right ready to go with nothing left to do but wait, and still no refugees. And then I saw the pot. “Are you going to finish in faithfulness and clean that pot?” I felt God ask. Everything in me wanted to shout at him “No! You didn’t keep up your part of the bargain! You brought me half way around the world for this?”…and still no refugees. But in a rare moment of wisdom I knelt down and began to wash the dirty pot in acceptance that it was what he called me to and that was enough, even without the refugees. That’s when I felt him lift my eyes to his and say, “This, this is faithfulness, thank you my son”.

His words at that pot are the highlight of my trip. Didn’t see that one coming!  But he wanted me to really understand what it means for me to be faithful to him despite my plans and expectations and to truly say, “Your will, not mine”. And then with such compassion and grace he showed me his goodness. I didn’t get to finish the pot. Why? At that moment refugees showed up. He didn’t have to bring them. I really think He had already taught me what He had wanted to this trip, but He knew what I really wanted and He took pleasure in giving me that.

You are a good, good Father who loves to lavish your love upon me! I am not yet ready to say what I’ve received from my few short moments with these refugees because it’s going to take some processing, but I can tell you this – 23 hours of faithfulness led me to one last dirty pot and that pot welcomed me into one of the greatest and most impactful hours of my life.

Jeff L.

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