On the Buses…

The headline read, “45 die when two boats sink off the coast of Turkey.” Four months ago it would have been something I glanced at on my way to the sports page, but that’s all changed. Thursday, January 21, 2016 I started a 24 hour shift at the refugee camp Sikamineas. My job was to help load as many people as we could onto 49 passenger buses for their trip to the next camp in what had already been a journey I couldn’t begin to comprehend. As I welcomed them to the bus, to a person they were smiling at me and saying thank you…thank you. Once on the bus I had to count them (often times as many as 64) and had a second chance to look into their faces and exchange a smile and again hear a thank you.

Now a headline like that will never be just a body count but real people like the people I met, with real faces I saw with my own eyes…real hands I shook with my own hand. People who have lived through fearful times unlike anything I have come close to and yet have a courage, strength and tenacity that I could only hope to have.

Dave G.

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