More Biscuits?

I got commissioned to man the back rope while we were at the refugee camp. The back rope is simply a place where we gather the refugees before they get on the bus to go to the next camp. It afforded me many opportunities to interact with all kinds of people.

The one moment that stood out above the rest was when a young refugee boy came to the back rope, tapped me on the shoulder and offered me a biscuit from the package he was carrying with him. I smiled and thanked him, taking one. He shook his head, reached in and pulled out two more insisting I take them. I was so overwhelmed. The families I met had nothing but a bag for the things they were bringing with them in their journey and yet this young boy wanted to share what he had with me! When it came time for them to board the bus the boy offered me another three biscuits from his small package. I smiled, thanked him and waved goodbye. This was one of the many experiences and conversations that left me humbled to be among these wonderful people who were so full of hope, gratitude and big, big smiles. I’m so thankful I was able to play a small role in their journeys.

Sam S.

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