His Good and Perfect Gifts…

My children Finnley, Lewis and Benni had sent me with some toys to give to any refugee/migrant kids that I might cross paths with on this journey. While we were at the Sikamineas camp an opportunity opened up for me to interact with some Iraqi kids (thank you Lord)! They, along with their parents and other family members, had survived the terrifying trip across the Aegean Sea in a crowded dingy. The freezing cold combined with the strong winds had whipped the sea into a frigid frothy mess. Our team had been praying for them since we had first spotted them being tossed about in the churning earlier that day. I had asked the Father specifically to keep any children on board safe and secure. He did just that – praise Jesus!

As I was taking great pleasure in handing out my kids’ toys I came across Kawa (dad and husband) and his family party of 8 (wife, daughter, son along with his brother’s wife, daughter and son). They were one of the larger family units from the day, travelling as two full families from Iraq with hopes of eventually reaching Germany. A small girl with big beautiful eyes reached into my box of goodies and pulled out an Elsa doll that Benni had eagerly placed there. The girl’s name was what sounded like ‘Tina’ to me. I will never forget the huge look of gratitude on her face. She was very appreciative and said “thank you” in excellent English. Her brother, his name sounding like ‘Dustin’, happily accepted a small car that Finn had once hatched from a Kinder Surprise egg and began to chase it around the room.

This was an act of love well received. My act of love? More so my kids’ ideas and offerings I would say. I am so proud of them and I will do my best to relay the impact of their love and obedience when I am home. Tina got a little doll, but I received the deeply seated gratification of knowing that the Father was pleased with me in carrying out His will and responding to His call. This is an amazing gift! Tina reminded me of my own 4 year old. Benni, Finn and Lewi gave something in Jesus name and in doing so acted out Matthew 25. As the relayer of this thoughtful act of love I am left overwhelmed with gratitude. Thank you Father for your good and perfect gifts (James 1:17)!

Ken L.

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