Heading off

We are waiting to get picked up by our bus and currently we are experiencing a mini hurricane… Not a real one, but it sure seems that way! Being on this Greek island gives new perspective to all the New Testament stories about storms at sea. It is wild. Some of our rooms flooded last night and our rooms all lost power… And heat!

I suppose it is a fitting way to leave this island in order to have a strong impression on our minds of the treacherous journey these people are trying to undertake. Even reading the news last night there are continuous reports of capsized rafts and coast guard rescues, and for many people, this isn’t the first time they’ve attempted to cross these waters. They fully understand the risks, and to them it is worth it to escape the horrors they have experienced up until this point.

As we head out today please pray for the people who are trying to cross the waters in this stormy weather. Pray for the workers we are leaving behind, and pray for the CrossRoads team that is on its way. As I was looking through some of the photos I think this one best captures our experience here so far. Thanks to all of you for your prayers. image.png

2 Comments on “Heading off

  1. Thanks for blazing a trail for the rest of the teams to come. We are just getting ready to take off from Calgary. Our team is praying you get out of Lesvos safely. Bless you guys!

  2. Just knew Dave would have a Timmies in his hand. Prayers for the team

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