Windy day

Today we were at a stage 2 camp where typically refugees come to receive dry clothing, food, and bus tickets to get to the stage 3 station we were at yesterday.

However, the weather was incredibly windy and ended in a storm which would likely have been potentially deadly weather for anyone crossing in a raft. So, thankfully no refugees made the dangerous trek across to the island while we were on shift. This made it a quiet day, but we got oriented for what our shift jobs will look like for the days to come and had some good team bonding around a guitar and some worship songs. At the same time, realizing that at any point if a boat were to show up today they would likely have been in rough condition and we would be some of the only people around to help them, reminded us of the purposefulness behind this ‘slow’ day.

It seems as though during our time here some days will be extremely busy while others will be quiet–all dependant on the unpredictable flow of refugees. Pray for us as we try to remain flexible, prepared and open to what God has for us each day.

One Comment on “Windy day

  1. Praying daily for you that God will give you 2 Peter 1:3 “everything you need for life and godliness.” Including wisdom! Lots of love and prayers sent your way! Cynthia

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