Kingdom Calling

This prayer comes from the Chalmers Centre and published in Sept 2014. Today as we see the brokeness and need in our world, these words speak truth of God’s character and heart and of my need for joy and strength as I follow into the places He is waiting for me to enter.


Lord God,

Your care and concern for the poor are etched across Scripture.  We ask You to etch them ever deeper on our hearts.  You work “righteousness and justice for all you are oppressed,”  and You called Israel to model that concern as well (Psalm 103:6-7).   As the incarnate Christ, the good news of your work was demonstrated in restoration for those the world despised:  the blind, the deaf, the leper, and the poor (Matthew 11:5).  As Your church, Your love within us should lead us to radically generous ministry in both work and deed (1 John 3:16-18).  Convict us of the times we become numb to that calling, and encourage us when the cost of that calling begins to weigh upon our hearts.  Give us joy and perseverance, letting Your work within us animate us to tireless service in Your kingdom.     Amen


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