The gift of relationship

Looking for some ideas on how to tangibly bless someone in our community this Christmas?

Christmas gifts

Our local partner Womens Outreach has a list of single parent families  who are waiting to be sponsored through the Adopt a Family program.  This would be a great option for a small group.   You would be purchasing and wrapping gifts and providing grocery gift cards.  These families are screened and  Womens Outreach works closely with the Christmas Bureau, Food Bank, Loaves and Fishes and the Salvation Army to ensure that no one is left out and that there is no duplication of services.  Go to  for more information.

Womens Outreach also accepts gifts of toys and grocery gift cards without you adopting a specific family.  They also have a hygiene program for their clients and would gladly accept toiletry items to be given out through the year.

Shoes!    With our city expecting refugee families arriving in the near future Womens Outreach will be preparing to provide these children with school supplies and they will provide them with shoes if they are available.  Contact myself or

Perhaps you or your small group would like to bless the Pregnancy Care Centre this Christmas.   You could provide staples for their new home kitchen,  or provide toiletries for the young women who will be moving into the home.  A pair of warm slippers, some specialty tea and a devotional book would be a lovely gift for a woman just moving in.

But what is the best gift you could give?

That’s easy!  That would be the gift of you, your time and your personal involvement in the life of someone else.  It could be a Mom through the Pregnancy Care Centre, it could be a young person through Big Brothers Big Sisters, perhaps one of the single Moms and her children in our own congregation or the neighbours who just moved in on your street.

two coffee cups

There is no gift card or brightly wrapped present that can surpass the value of relationship.  And relationship is what is so deeply needed by so many.   By children, youth and adults alike.  You, with God’s heart of compassion and His spirit alive in you, have the possibility of giving something so much bigger and greater than yourself alone.   God longs to draw people to himself,  and he will use you, use us, as we make ourselves available.

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