Rising Costs

For most of us the date September 11 holds memories.  We remember where we were and what we were doing when we first heard of the tragedy that was unfolding.  I remember.  I saw images, heard sounds and personal stories that are still etched in my mind – and these sights and sounds  changed me and impacted how I view my freedom, my safety, evil in our world and fragility of life.

For a First Responder, an RCMP or Peace Officer, a Firefighter,  or a person in our Military these are the experiences that they encounter in various forms and levels throughout their careers on a regular basis.  This continual exposure comes at a cost.  To themselves and their families.  It can take its toll on relationships, mental health and emotional wellbeing.


This week marks the anniversary of 911 and it is also the week that marks Peace Officer and Fire Fighter Memorial Day.  A time to remember, a time to be thankful for those who protect us and stand on guard, who come to our rescue and put themselves at risk on our behalf.  A time to  remember those who have paid the ultimate price with their lives.


CrossRoads Church recognizes the significance of the task that our First Responders commit themselves to.  We support an organization called Legacy Place Society – formally known as Diakonos House.   Legacy Place Society exists to support First Responders and their families in Alberta.  This includes Peace Officers, Firefighters, EMS, 911 Dispatch, and Military personnel and their families.

Legacy Place knows that the work of these professions can create emotional and physical havoc, and that the vicarious trauma, the stress and demands can become major stressors on the individuals and their spouses and children. Legacy Place Society provides accomodation during times of medical or personal crisis, peer support in areas of marriage, grief, addiction recovery, critical incident stress management and PTSD recovery.

Overseas Troops

During this week of remembering  would you pause to pray for our First Responders and for Legacy Place Society ?

And in the future when you see someone in uniform in our community it is always a good time to pray for them. It is always the right time to say “Thank You” for the work they do for you and on your behalf.

For more information on Legacy Place Society pls go to http://www.legacyplacesociety.com

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