Sole Searching – Giving my best

Which pair of shoes should I choose?    The pink ones with sparkles?   Or the ones with the pick laces?  Or should I get both of them?    I have decided that I am purchasing shoes for a little girl.  In my mind I can picture her and imagine some life scenarios that may have brought her Mother in to the Outreach Centre. This makes me weigh my choices seriously and linger just a bit longer in the store.   I imagine how her eyes will light up when sees the shoes.  I can feel her excitement “Oh I want these ones!   I love pink!”


pink shoes images (6)

I want the shoes I choose for her to say “You are worthy of my best.”  I want the note that I write to be the whisper in her ear that says “You are special”.  And more than all of that I pray that she will come to know that God sees her as a treasure so valuable he gave his very best for her.

I am learning that sacrificial and generous giving without condition can and should be how I live – because the love of Christ has changed me.  That through giving I continue to be transformed.  That generosity is the byproduct of God’s grace in my life.

Because I have been the recipient of God’s very best when I was so unworthy.


shoes love images (6)


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