Another sweet day …

Today we got up at six forty five for breakfast. After our meal we went to the prayer chapel for the lecture time. The first speaker talked about Daniel chapter one and two that was about Shadrack, Meshach and Abednego and how they stood up against the culture. She also talked about seven questions to ask yourself how to improve your relationship with God.

Le Shae the second speaker talked on the topic of servantry. She had us pick out names out of a hat in our group and we would have to ask God for any word or thing that we could give them.

Then we split up into groups to ask God for a picture, scripture or a word for tomorrow that we would look out for.

After that we went to the children’s hunger fund where half of us packed food packs and the rest helped sort carbonated water can’s that were damaged and sort of undamaged cans from a semi-trailer. These food packs were for families in sixteen different countries around the world. A cool aspect of this organisation is that they work through local churches to not only give physical food but also spiritual food as well.

After that we went to the Griffith observatory which is a massive space center and it is pretty close to the Hollywood sign and we got to see a massive periodic table that had the actual elements in them and there were some massive telescopes that you could look through but the lines were to long.

By Grady and Andrew

2 Comments on “Another sweet day …

  1. Great blog update guys. Glad everyone seems to be doing well.

  2. Great opportunities for your team to learn and serve. Praying for you everyday. Keep the updates coming😊

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