A day as seen by Pastor Rob …

Its Pastor Rob here. Some quick snap shots on how the missions trip is going. (Be warned I am surrounded by Jr. High boys who are wrestling, and singing (horribly I might add), and asking 100s of questions, and I’m having trouble focusing.)

“Just take the first step, Just take the first step” says Andrew Hidebrech out loud to himself, as he wills himself to approach a homeless man. His initial goal is to give out cold water to those who are thirsty. Should further conversation be welcome, his goal is to share Gods love. He got shut down. But goes again and again.

Blaze got asked to pray for one of the WYAM leaders yesterday before that leader shared. Blaze was terrified to have to go to the front. He reluctantly blurted out a prayer and sat down. Today we were packing up after witnessing and showing Gods love down town, and Blazes says “I felt like God was saying first go down that street.” Down that street Blaze and Malcom meet a man name Clay. They give him a water and ask him if they can pray for him. Clay shares with them his needs and both Blaze and Malcom took their turn praying. Its 11:30 and Blaze is still glowing. “I really liked praying for Clay” He shares as his highlight of the day.

Noah was struggling yesterday. He was really missing home and shared with me that he was worried he wouldn’t be brave enough to show Gods love in such a forward way. Tonight he is quite, and thoughtful, and smiling. “The first time was really really hard,” he told me after dinner. “But after that, it got easier, and I really like it.”

Vanessa reads a lady’s sign that says she is hungry and would like left overs. She used her personal spending money to buy a meal for the lady. “Gods love would be bigger then just left overs” she says. “I wanted to give her a hot meal.” After buying the meal Vanessa returns to the lady. The lady was gone. A real disappointment for Vanessa.

Avery and Andy sit with David Bates as David gets into a full blown 101 questions from a man who came by with his own Bible and a whole lot of questions. Both boys watch in awe as David flips from verse to verse answering each question with another verse from the Bible.

Ruth, Jasmin, and Kaitlyn full on witness to a tourist who happened to cross their path. They were to hyper to get the full story of how this came about.  Jasmin complains that Ruth did all the talking and didn’t let them talk much. Ruth is un apologetic for monopolizing the conversation. “But then we got Him to pray that prayer.” I think she meant the sinners prayer. I asked them what she told him to pray. She responded, “The three of us just made it up. And we all just kept adding stuff for him to pray.” I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall.

There are more stories but its late and my minds fading. Keep praying for us. God is doing incredible things. You all would be so proud if you could see all of this going down in really life.

Pastor Robert

3 Comments on “A day as seen by Pastor Rob …

  1. The blog was a great read today. We are so excited for everyone and their experiences. We will continue to pray for the team and can hardly wait to hear more about your days.

  2. Thank you for sharing your experiences; continue to do so! Darlene and I are praying for you all!
    It sounds like God is doing wonderful work through you and for you…we pray for your continued health, safety and courage!

  3. What a lovely post to wake up to today. We are crazy proud of those kids! The first step is always the hardest one to take. Thanks for the update, Rob.

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