Our First Blog from L.A.

Just a quick preface to this blog … if you would like to see photos of the team and what they are doing please find Rob, Jocelyn, Brooklynn or Kurtis on Facebook. There are a lot of awesome selfies, action shots and the team in action!!

All kinds of exciting things are happening as we’re here together in Los Angeles as a group. So far we’ve only driven here, and now we have been here at the base for two days. Within the two days we took to drive, laughter, bonding, memories, and more laughter brought us together as, friends better than expected. Despite car sickness and almost getting lost, we made it safely as a team to the YWAM (Youth with a Mission) base; although fairly late into the night.

The morning after we arrived, we had breakfast at the base before heading out to West Angeles Cathedral, which was an all-African American church. The church service was filled with lots of singing and dancing, then it was followed by an amazing sermon. After church we tackled the drive to Venice Beach were we played in the waves and sand for most of the rest of the afternoon. After we were done on the beach we walked down the pier as it rained. Many adventures occurred including, finding a dead fish and having a hard time finding the vans.

Today we started out early with breakfast, and then had a worship session in the chapel. After hearing a few testimonies and lunch, we headed out to our first outreach at Faith in Christ. There we helped make poster and flyers for tomorrow’s activity day for kids, which we will be helping in. Overall the trip has been great and we can’t wait to see how everything else turns out and how God will work through us.

Kaitlin and Mattea

2 Comments on “Our First Blog from L.A.

  1. Praying for you all. Missing Zachary a lot. The house is too quiet without him. Looking forward to more blogs.

  2. Praying for the team. Wish you many opportunities to learn,serve, as and grow. Have fun and laugh together.

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