Murakoze Cyane Rwanda- Thank you very much Rwanda!

Today was our final day in Rwanda. We had a delicious breakfast at our guest house and then joined the World Relief staff for devotions. We shared from our study in 2 Corinthians 5 about being a new creation in Christ and our role as Ambassadors in His ministry of reconciliation. We shared in some powerful prayer and then some good time of fellowship.

The morning then transitioned into a debrief with World Relief about our time together over these past two weeks. This time was such a great example of what we love about this organization as they value our input, desire to listen, share and improve. They are such solid partners!

The afternoon allowed for some time for shopping for our loved ones and seeing more of this modern and impressive capital of Kigali! Tracy was especially excited to shop in Nakumatt (a store from Kenya- her old stomping grounds)!

We then made a short stop at Hotel Des Mille Collines- known to most as Hotel Rwanda.


Finally, we were honoured to spend a few hours in the Kigali Genocide Memorial.  It was very sobering and gave us a lot to ponder. It was so well done, capturing the early history and what eventually lead to the 1994 event. It covered those horrific 100 days and the process of healing and reconciliation that has been taking place since.  We were able to enjoy and understand the significance of the memorial gardens, a true sanctuary, which surround the grave sites of approximately 250,000 people who lost their lives during the Genocide. 


Even though it was heart wrenching to journey into this tragic past, we were still able to walk out with hope and comfort, based on the many stories we have heard of true reconciliation, growth, progress and unity that is so evident throughout the country.


We are now at the airport in Kigali, about to board our first of three flights; first stop Kilimanjaro then overnight to Amsterdam. We hope to get out and wander through the city before boarding our final flight to Calgary!


Lord willing we will see you soon. Thanks again for all your prayers and support!  

Team Rwanda 2015

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