Farewells – June 28th and 29th

June 28th: Our team headed out into the communities of Nyamasheke one last time as our World Relief partners arranged for us to attend a church service in one of the sectors. When we arrived at the church we were greeted with many welcomes, singing and praise. We had the opportunity to introduce ourselves one last time and bring greetings from ourselves, our families and CrossRoads Church. Darlene led our team in sharing a few worship songs: “This Little Light of Mine”, “Fill Up My Cup” and ended with an “encore” of “King Jesus is All”. Marsha represented our team in sharing a devotion and encouraging words from her testimony. 20150628_102918
Kelvin too had an opportunity to share words of encouragement and praise. We were then given a greeting by the whole congregation to send back with us to Canada.

After saying our farewells to our friends at the church, we left the dirt roads of the community we have spent the last week in for the last time. We were treated by our hosts Bob and Albert to a boat ride over to one of the islands on Lake Kivu.

A large group of children greeted us on the island and held our hands and arms as we walked up into the town.
Before turning back to head down to the boats, a group of the children shared with us a song and dance.
Our trip back across the lake was beautiful and refreshing as the daylight hours were waning and we were able to observe a beautiful sunset. IMG_4175
Back at our guest house, we enjoyed supper together and was able to thank each of our World Relief friends personally for all of their hard work and ability to make our journey so rich, safe and memorable. We prayed for and said our farewells to Albert, as he would not be journeying with us back to Kigali tomorrow. IMG_4183

June 29th: We woke up to the church bells of the church nearby and gathered for breakfast, followed by devotions. We hit the road shortly after 9:30 and were on our way back to Kigali. Today was a special day for the people of Nyamasheke as the President of Rwanda Paul Kagame was visiting their district. As we travelled we saw lots of signs of the excitement for this event. At one point of our trip some of the presidential vehicles past by us. We arrived safely in Kigali by supper time where one of our hosts from World Relief treated us and shared supper with us – thanks Moses!
Prayer Requests:
1. Continue to pray for our friends (brothers and sisters in Christ) in Nyamasheke: we look forward to the day of seeing them again.
2. Continue to pray for our health and our safety: we look forward to seeing all of our friends and family back home.
3. Continue to pray for the members of World Relief and the pastors that make all of this possible: We have met at a “crossroads” all in the name of Jesus Christ.

One Comment on “Farewells – June 28th and 29th

  1. Look forward to hearing all the God stories on your journey! In our prayers

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