Maria’s House -June 24th

kidsAfter a delicious breakfast, we were on our way again! The roads were paved for a bit and then the “African massage” began. I don’t think I will complain about pot holes in the roads back home ever again. Today was our work day. We were all dressed to get dirty and sweat right alongside our African brothers and sisters. There was a lady named Maria, who lost her husband and one son in the pre-genocide uprisings. After which she moved back to her home area where she made a house with the only thing she had- a few cabinets. After many years of living in that state, the church, motivated to serve the most vulnerable, started building her a new home with the help of other partners. Today she needed the inside walls of the house to be plastered. group working
It was our job to carry the sand, on our heads if possible, down the road to the house. Once we moved all the sand, we got to help mixing the sand with the concrete mix and the water. Quite a labor intensive job! walking with kidsThe cement mixture was used to plaster the walls on the inside of her house. This will help her and her son to stay warmer in their home and also allow the house to stand longer. group prayer with house
When our part was finished, the Pastor spoke some words of encouragement and shared Maria’s story with us. We also shared something about ourselves and laid hands on Maria in prayer. maria receiving prayer
Before we left, we all joined hands and prayed together. It was such a blessing to be able to see what we could do with our own hands to help in the community.
One of the highlights of helping in the community was seeing the children and interacting with them. They were so friendly and loved the attention we so willingly gave them. The children are always pointing and looking at the white people when we are out and about.
Albert graciously took us to the local mall this afternoon so we could order tailor made clothes, if desired. praying hands It was a great experience of all of us to see how the local community and economy works.
We are looking forward to an evening of fellowship and preparation for tomorrow.
Marsha and Team
end of day with new friends

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