Clergy and Their Spouses

Headed back to Nyamasheke early today.
large group meeting We started on the road by 8 a.m. in order to be there by 9. Mike shared a devotion with us as we drove. Our team was anticipated and engaged shortly after our arrival. We were greeted by 50 pastors and their wives who had walked long journeys to participate in this day.
Introductions were exchanged in true African fashion. That is when the person making the self-introduction, first might start by saying a thank you, greetings from our church, then move into personal details. Then Moses from the World Relief office Kigali, shared an ice breaker using an allegory about hand washing. Relating to marriage, ministry and households. The comparison shared, taught us that neither hand was more important in this process. Which was followed by teaching both husband and wife have great value, individually as well as in community.
After a coffee break, where this whole group mingled, we were separated into 2 groups. Men and women.women share2
We were encouraged to share our thoughts and concerns in ministry together while juggling family life. Men were asked a question, who wins an argument in a marriage? I shared a thought that I was reminded about from last year. It was an African proverb that was told to us. “There cannot be 2 thunders in the sky.” I then went on to share about how I used to believe that my thunder was the only important one. Also I was then emotional as I told the men’s group that my thunder needed to be silent so as to be receptive to other thunder as well.IMG_3349
Women shared concerns about how difficult it is balancing life as a pastor’s wife, being a mother, and taking care of the home. They were able to share stories and testimonies and were not ready to be finished by the time lunch was ready.
We sat on the benches in the church, mingled together as we ate lunch. richard with babyTried our best to communicate with hand signs and pointing some broken English, French and Kinyarwanda.
After lunch each ministry couple was asked to write prayer requests on a slip of paper, which WR will use for follow up prayer in the future. large group pastors and wives
Then we took pictures in order to create the prayer cards for ourselves and WR.
The whole group was released to head home because some people came from a very long way away. This would allow most to get home before dark.mike with boy
kelvin at health centreOn our way back to Kamembe, we were able to stop for a quick visit at one of the local health centers. It was informative and encouraging to see this facility. The male head nurse, shared with us about some of the latest challenges they face. In terms of health concerns at this centre, malaria and dysentery were the most common threats.
All in all we had a great day with our new friends.
Now we are tired and will try for some needed rest before our new experience tomorrow.
Richard Vander Leek

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