Unified under one God – June 22nd

pastor john bosco speaks
We started the day with a team devotion on Corinthians 2:5-9 and had a good discussion on forgiveness and obedience. Then we hopped in our vehicles and had African massages (bumpy road trip) all the way to Shangi where we met with the pastors of the CNC (Church Network Committee). church network committee
We were greeted with beautiful Rwandan worship which started our meeting just right! 13 pastors were represented from different denominations.
In the meeting the pastors shared their hearts with us. They spoke of how World Relief is helping them impact their churches. They spoke about how World Relief changed their mindset; to start focusing on helping the poor, identifying them and providing for their needs; food, shelter and training. Training with setting up the savings groups which has helped the communities most vulnerable to buy the things they need like goats and cows. Training in animal husbandry so that they can take care of their animals properly. They also mentioned how World Relief has helped them to unify the community of churches. They don’t think of them as individual churches but one body in Christ! “We are working for the same God”. CrossRoads church is part of that unity as one body in Christ. We introduced ourselves and then had a question period, there was some real life happening there! Relationships were built today.
team with committee members

We went to a church of one of the pastors that was at the first meeting and once again we were greeted with some joyful music, this time accompanied by a drum. The church leadership spoke of what they were doing in the community. We had a good interaction with these folks. Our new friends.
We headed home after that and went for a walk down the road with lake Kivu in our sights, down to the Congo border. What a beautiful country!
moses editedMoses talked about how once you get “When the African sand gets in your shoes you never leave Africa”. I think we all have sand in our shoes.
In closing for today we would like to share the following prayer requests:
• Continue to pray for the health of our team as some of us have been experiencing some minor ailments.
• Continue to pray for our team to get rest and please Pray that everyone’s travels are safe as many pastors are travelling from far distances.
• Pray for our day tomorrow that we build good relationships with the pastors and their wives while we meet and pray with them.
• Pray that God gives us the right words to communicate well with our brothers and sisters and that we all can be open and honest in our time of fellowship.

adorable little girl

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