Staying In The Light- June 18

We are often told as Christ followers to ‘stay in the light’.  Our Rwanda team had no other choice as we travelled today (and yesterday) from Calgary to Amsterdam, Amsterdam to Kilimanjaro (Tanzania) and finally to Kigali, Rwanda. Being that is is so close to the summer solstice it was actually light for the first 22 hours our our journey as we travelled over the North Pole.

This extended day light, coupled with the fact that most of us didn’t sleep well on the flights, made for a very long ‘day’.  But, God is good!

We have now arrived in Rwanda! Something we have been anticipating for months. We were met by World Relief staff – Bob and Rafiki, who helped get us situated at the World Relief guest house where a warm meal was waiting for us.  Fresh tropical fruit salad was clearly the favourite! Now we are all cleaning up and getting ready for a good nights sleep- lying down!

Thank you for your prayers.  Tomorrow we look forward to chapel with the World Relief team, then an optional museum visit and then we dive into World Relief University where we will be taught many things about the ministry we are a part of, the country and culture of Rwanda as well as topics such as poverty reduction.

Good night!

Tracy and the Team

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