Murphys’ Rules

Hello from Blackfalds!

It’s a privilege once again to update all of our church family on the happenings in our life.

For those who don’t know us, we are Wayne, Lori, Ross, Evan and Cali Murphy. We have been serving with YWAM Blackfalds for the past 8 years. Ross (9) & Evan (6) attend Iron Ridge Elementary School in Blackfalds while Cali (4) stays home with her mom. Lori is a stay-at-home mom who helps with the ESL teaching and assisting with the Mission Builders who come to our base.

Murphy fam photo

Our main ministry with YWAM Blackfalds is After the Grind Coffee House. It is a not-for-profit coffee house with all the workers being YWAM staff, mission builders or local volunteers. The profits we make are used to fund projects in Rwanda and North Korea along with several local initiatives. It is a great blessing to be able to interact with people in the community in a relaxed atmosphere where we always have coffee to talk about! It has allowed many meaningful relationships to be built within the community. The working environment is also a great place to disciple and to be discipled by our fellow staff.

Currently we are having to re-roof our building; this is not an easy or inexpensive process. Please pray for wisdom and favour as we deal with the local roofing companies in getting the best price and quality work done as possible.

Our biggest challenge this past year was Lori being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Starting a year and a half ago her mobility continually declined until July when every joint was in pain, and getting around became a very painful process. Since the diagnosis and a few runs of different medication, she has finally been seeing changes. Her specialist in Edmonton has been great; he is very patient and caring of how Lori is feeling. The medications that she is on are very powerful, but we are grateful that they are working and continue to pray for healing. The kids have really noticed Mom getting better and especially Cali continues to pray every night that ‘Momma would feel better the next day.’ Just this past month, Lori has starting selling a line of clothing called ‘LulaRoe’ out of our house; it gives her a great opportunity to meet lots of other ladies and use her creativity and passion to help them look their best!

I (Wayne) continue to participate in lots of activities. I have been a ‘big brother’ for the past 5 years with the organization, Big Brothers Big Sisters. Last year my little brother Chase starting working with me on Friday nights at the coffee house and this has been a great way to consistently meet together! He really enjoys it and having him interact with the other staff has been great. Recently his parents decided to get a divorce and on top of that his mother tried to seriously harm herself. I cannot imagine the pain and confusion he is going through. It truly hurts to see him in so much suffering at such a young age. We pray our family would be a safe place for him during this time.

I had the opportunity this past season to coach Ross’s Novice hockey team. I was an assistant to the coach in the past but wasn’t really looking to ever ‘head’ coach. There were enough kids to make 3 teams and they only had 2 coaches so I was asked and after talking with Lori thought it would make a good challenge! For anyone who has been involved with minor hockey, you’ll know the ‘challenges’ that arise when dealing with hockey parents. Thankfully with the help of 2 great assistants and a very hands on manager, we had a successful year. Being able to speak truth to those 12 boys regardless of wins or losses was really a wonderful blessing. One player in particular had very low self-esteem. There were times he would tell me how terrible he was and that nobody in the whole world liked him. I am glad I was able to in these moments tell and show him how much I cared and that no matter what; he was very special and important to his team. You never know what moments like these will mean in the whole process of life, but being faithful and honest in the moment will have lasting impact.

I also continue to do electrical work when not at the coffee shop! This has also been a great opportunity to work with my Dad and also recently with my nephew. The Lord continues to bring new jobs and people into our path. I was able to help the Maskawacis Fellowship get a permit to wire and finish their new Sunday school room. Recently a local church in Blackfalds bought the old dollar store and is renovating it. I have been able to help them as well. I continually pray for wisdom each day to do the best job I can and to deal honestly with all our customers.

This is just a small sample of all we have been up to. If you have any questions or would like to come see what we are up to out in Blackfalds, stop by the coffee shop or send us an e-mail we would love to meet with up you.

The Murphys






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