A New Brother in Christ!

Crystal Dueck is one of our newer missionaries. She is in Germany with Greater European Mission (GEM), working in Kandern. Crystal has just completed her language courses, and will begin ministry full-time this month. Following is an amazing experience from her language course…..


Previously, I have shared about a few people in my German class before, but this month I have a new person to share about. Someone who has a new beginning in his life.
My friend ‘J’, is from China and he started back in September with me in German class. He has known most of that time that I go to church and that my faith is important to me. In February, he started to become more interested in this. One day he came to me and told me that he went to church for the first time on his own! I was so excited for him. He said that it was really interesting, that he would go again, and that he wanted to know more!! So I encouraged him and said if he ever had any questions to please ask and I would try and answer.
So a couple of weeks later, near the end of February, he asked me, with 1 minute before class, mind you, “What is sin, why are we sinners, and why are we sinners from birth?” So I gave him the best answer I felt I could in that one minute and said I would be willing to meet again to answer more or talk about other things. He said yes he would like that.
We met for the first time on March 3rd and talked for almost 2 solid hours; we had a great talk. We talked about sin and other things. He said many times he wanted to know more and was starting to understand why I said that my faith was so important to me. God has had ‘J’ on a journey for a good 5 years, if not more, to bring him to this point. He has an incredible story. I told him this, and that God has been leading him to this point because He wants him to know that He loves him. The look on his face was priceless, finally realizing this as he had not put it together that God was leading him to this time!
‘J’s’ heart on that day was so ripe and ready to be picked. I challenged him, that he had a choice to make, did he want this to be a part of his life or not, did he want a new beginning? He said that he wanted to think more on this to make sure this is what he wanted in his life.
Well, this week we met again, and he told me about a concert and talk on Sunday where there was an alter call. He went up and accepted Jesus!! Woohoo! I was so excited to hear this, a new brother in the Kingdom. ‘J’ is so hungry and wants to hear and learn more. He wants to continue to meet even after the class is finished, which is cool!
Please pray for ‘J’ as he learns and grows in this new faith, pray for his protection in his new life. As well, I would love prayer as I meet with him and direct him to scripture. Thank you!

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