Let the Little Children Come to Me: Thousands of North Korean Children Fed Last Year

first steps n korea pregnant womanFor many years CrossRoads Church has been a generous partner of First Steps, reaching out with the love of Christ to prevent malnutrition among young children in North Korea. Last year CrossRoads provided 1,200 children with a daily cup of nutrient-rich soymilk through our programs in orphanages, daycares, and kindergartens. CrossRoads also provided enough Sprinkles (a powdered mixture of vitamins and minerals in a sachet) for 100 pregnant and nursing women in order to prevent anemia and malnutrition. Additionally, CrossRoads provided micronutrient Sprinkles for 100 babies during their 18-month critical growth period to ensure they got a healthy start on life.

During a confirmation visit to North Korea in September 2014, a First Steps team spent time visiting with pregnant women who were receiving micronutrient Sprinkles at the Sopo Poli-Clinic in Hyongjesan. One of the women who benefited from your gift of Sprinkles is Kim Hyang Shim. She seemed both nervous and excited for her baby to arrive. Mrs. Kim Hyang Shim was nine months pregnant when she met the team and shared a bit about maternity leave in North Korea. Mrs. Shim became an office worker after graduating from the Transportation University in Pyongyang. She received leave from work for 2 months before and 3 months after her due date, for a total of 150 days. Our prayer is that she has given birth to a healthy baby and is currently enjoying her mat leave. We’re excited to meet with her during future visits to hear about her first months of motherhood. Since Mrs. Shim’s baby will also receive Sprinkles the chances of malnutrition, stunting, and other life-threatening diseases such as diarrhea and pneumonia are significantly reduced.

Thank you for making such an impact on the lives and health of thousands of destitute people in North Korea for many years. I am continuously humbled and thankful for your partnership in showing Christ’s love in such tangible ways to a nation of great need.

I often reflect on the fact that Jesus loved children. They held a special place in His heart as we see in Luke 18:16; “But Jesus called the children to him and said, ‘Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.’”

I hope that Crossroads will continue to follow the Lord’s leading in blessing children He so dearly loves in North Korea. I can’t thank you enough for your faithful support and prayers.

Bio: Hannah Dissen has worked off and on for almost 10 years in North Korea and is currently a Regional Coordinator for First Steps in Alberta. Hannah and her husband moved back from Asia a year and a half ago, attend CrossRoads Church, and also teach English at the Central Alberta Refugee Effort (CARE).

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