Following Jared and Rhonda Bourn in Haiti …

Bonswa Mezanmi!


Mezanmi means friend. We will just slowly teach you Creole one email at a time! Thanks for reading our updates. We hope you are enjoying them.

Today was another amazing day. It feels like a year’s worth of experiences packed into a few hours. God is sooooo good. Each morning we start the day with a time of worship and prayer on the rooftop overlooking sunrise lit mango trees. (Yes, that is as good as it sounds and I wish you all could experience it!). Every once in a while you hear a mango fall off a tree or a cow moo, but other than that it is very quiet. God has created Haiti to be a truly beautiful place. After breakfast we moseyed over to the market. (Not many walk very fast here). This was a “small” market but still very overwhelming on the senses. We probably said bonjou a couple hundred times as we passed people selling almost everything under the sun (including raw meat, sugar cane, prescription drugs and pringles). Some of the team bought some items; Rhonda and I got a few packages of crackers. We came back for lunch and then headed to the beach. Besides a pool I think it was the warmest water I’ve ever swam in. There are still many confusing thoughts floating around my head from that experience. So far in Haiti we have mostly seen very poor families but the beach had a total mixture of people. There were young and old, rich and poor, white and black, people relaxing and people working (selling wares). There was an elderly man there who offered to sell me a ride in his dugout canoe. I politely declined but I noticed that he had the skinniest legs of anyone I have ever seen (by a long shot). Without turning my head I could see people who are among the wealthiest 1% of the world. The contrast is hard to take in. The great news is that God deeply loves all the people of the world, no matter their status or ethnicity or other things that people care about. Man looks at the outward appearance but the Lord looks at the heart.


I will leave you with a thought that Rhonda and I were discussing yesterday. Going on a trip such as this and witnessing things like what I wrote about above is a very emotional thing. We feel that we are having a “mountaintop experience” with God and it is wonderful. What we are trying hard to focus on and think through are ways in which we can stand firm on God’s truth once the emotions leave. We realize that after coming back to Canada, the things we feel now will eventually dissipate. It may take a while, but it won’t be quite the same. I have this picture in my head of treading water out a little ways from the beach where it is too deep to stand, and building a pile of rocks in the water underneath our feet. When the tide of emotions goes back out to sea, we will have a firm foundation to stand on that will enable us to stay in the same place. If you would like to pray for us, we desire that God would lead us to scripture that matches the things He is teaching us. In that way we can take these lessons and apply them to our life for the rest of our days.


 We love you all and thank God for you!

 N’a we pita (see you later/soon),

Jared and Rhonda

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