Seeing God in Mongolia

**By their request, all names in this article have been changed for the protection of the missionaries and those they serve.**

Dear Friends and Family,Biro 2

It has been 10 years now since we first moved to Mongolia. Our calling 10 years ago was to help disciple Mongolian Christians so that they would grow deeper roots in Christ. That call remains the same today, however many new experiences and opportunities for ministry have been opened up for us.

David has been working as the JCS Personnel Director helping foreigners adjust to and work in the country so they can better disciple others. David is also working with the staff of the JCS International. In this role we both meet with many young Christian leaders, offering encouragement and guidance in many different areas of their lives and work.

Maggie has served in a variety of roles for the last 10 years. Since 2008 her primary focus has been providing leadership in our home Bible studies, teaching a discipleship course on sharing your faith in a health care setting and mentoring Christian nurses in the leadership of the Nurses Christian Fellowship of Mongolia. In 2013 Maggie became team leader for Interserve partners. Maggie works to help partners in Mongolia serve well through care and administration. In 2014 Maggie became the ‘Nurses Christian Fellowship International’s’ Saline coordinator. ‘Saline’ is a course that was designed to help Christian health care workers appropriately and confidently share their faith in their places of work. However, this is a tough task because in Mongolia, sharing your faith can result in being reprimanded or even losing your job. This causes many of the Christian nurses to initially be hesitant in sharing their faith. But through the work being done through the ministry of ‘Saline‘, nurses that begin this course finish saying that they are no longer scared to share their faith. They have been given the confidence and tools to sensitively and appropriately share their faith. mongolia participants

Deborah and Esther are two nursing students that were incredibly blessed by the NCFI conference and are excited to be moving forward. We have included their testimonies to give you an idea of the types of things they are learning and experiencing.

In their own words….
Hello! My name is Deborah and I am 18 years old. I am in the third year of nursing school.
The most important thing in my life is Jesus Christ, who loves me and is merciful and gracious to me. Therefore I try to live my life according to His plan and His will upon my life and to dedicate all my time that`s given to me in this life to Him. My nursing profession is the most suitable profession for me to live my life in that manner and God has made me realize that it He planned this from before for me.deborah mongolia
I am so thankful that God gave me, Esther, and Sarah the opportunity to attend the Pacific East Asia Regional Christian Nurses’ conference, which was held October 7-14, 2014. Through this conference I have learnt the following:
What is spiritual care? How can we give spiritual care to our patients? I am very thankful that I have gotten to understand the importance of telling other nurses and nursing students about spiritual care giving.
And I have also learnt about how to give nursing care with compassion and how to spread God`s good news through compassion. I have got a lot of knowledge about many things such as how to deal with compassion fatigue when I am affected by it. I have realized that it`s time for me to apply what I have been learning!
But above all these things that I have learned, a thing that I have really understood and felt in my heart is God`s plan. God has planned my life in advance before the beginning; therefore I should listen to Him and follow His words obediently.
Nursing profession is a miraculously blessed profession. And I have realized even more that God has chosen me with my profession for His glory.

My name is Esther,
I thank God for choosing me and calling me to do His work for His Kingdom. It`s my joy to do His will and to do the work He assigns for me. God`s calling has been upon the nursing job of the Mongolian nurses. So I have been serving with a vision of reaching the others with God`s love through my nursing profession. God has truly led all the activities of NCFI regional Conference! It was such a blessed time. We did not know English so well, so we were really thankful that the Lord has sent us such a good translator and teacher in Maggie, who has a huge heart for Mongolia
The topic of the conference was “Compassion-The Cornerstone of Nursing”. This topic fits well with the things that we learnt from the Saline Process course, such as the importance of having a compassionate heart if we want to have any spiritual influence.esther mongolia
I learnt a lot from Joseph`s story [of growing in leadership] during my quiet times. The course on spiritual care was really great. Spiritual care in nursing is very much needed in Mongolia. From this course I realized that nursing is the only health care profession that promotes an environment for spiritual care in its ethical code. Prayer is also very important. I learned many new methods about how to do spiritual assessment and how to evaluate spiritual health and also learnt a lot about communication.
Every evening we shared about what we had learnt, what we had questions about, and we shared our testimonies as well. I am praying that in the future, giving spiritual care through nursing will be included in the Mongolian nursing curriculum.
After arriving back in Mongolia I met with a nursing professor [who is Buddhist] and she asked me about the conference. She was really interested in hearing about spiritual care in nursing. She said that she would like to learn about it herself and she also said that it`s possible to include this lesson in the nursing curriculum in the future. As we heard this we were so thankful to the Lord. Through the NCFI conference God spoke us, putting it on our hearts that Mongolia needs such a spiritual nursing care course.
To God be the Glory!

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