Final Day in Haiti- A Day to Worship and The Last Supper

IMG_0935.JPGSunday service at Haiti Arise now starts at 7 am- trust me, many from our team thought they heard it wrong but this is what the community has requested. It allows them be in church during the cool morning and also keeps people from getting home too late.

We had an excellent Sunday starting with our early morning worship service. For anyone that has had the pleasure of worshiping with this church, you know how inspiring and soulful the singing is. The people of this church know how to praise God! After some great singing we started into the speaking time. With so many guests in town there were many that were invited to share a message with the congregation. Pastor Jim Reimer was the first to share and I was the second. I encouraged people to stay vigilant by remaining in the Word and in prayer in order to avoid the traps of the devil who gives his all to distract us from the Truth.

Next was Alice, a long- time volunteer and then Marc’s adoptive mom. Finally, Pastor Rod and his wife brought us the main message on faith. We ended the service with a time of prayer where people who were sick and in need of God’s presence were invited to go up front and receive prayer. Many of us were honored to go and pray for them. I walked away from the service feeling well fed and greatly encouraged by the time spent hearing Gods Word.

After service a small group headed back to the beach for our final dip in the ocean. It takes around 30 minutes to walk from Haiti Arise to the beach and it is totally worth the walk. Not only is it refreshing to go swimming and enjoy the beach, we also love the walk through the community and appreciate getting out of the compound.

In the afternoon, after a delicious lasagna lunch, we went through our skit again in preparation for our time at Tapion Children’s Church. Then at 3 we were on our way to worship again, this time with many beautiful children.

Tapion is a church that serves lots of children who live up in the mountains between Grand-Goave and Petit Goave. It sits on top of a rocky hill. We park at the bottom of the hill and walk up the rocky path. It is a little church with a tin roof and no walls or flooring. Haiti Arise sometimes brings guest there to worship with them but we are asked to provide teaching, songs or skits then some snacks. We had decided we would present a skit.

If you have heard of Carmen’s The Champion, you will know generally what we did. Basically it is a boxing match between Jesus and the Devil. God is the referee and there are angels cheering for Jesus and the Devil has demons supporting him. Jim was the Devil and his nephew Peter played Jesus. Steve played God the Father. There were three of us that played angels and three demons. As we acted out the skit the kids were transfixed. They loved every moment and of course cheered when Jesus knocked out Satan. We had a lot of fun and the kids seemed to really appreciated it.

Our time at Tapion was a special way to end the service part of our week. The final highlight and last time together was dinner on Sunday night. The tradition is, the cooks get Sunday off so we always go to a local restaurant for supper.

IMG_0971.JPG The place is near Marc and Lisa’s home and I believe it is called Monty’s but we all just refer to the goat and coke place. On the menu we chose either goat or chicken and then chose a drink. It is simple but delicious and filling! Just before dinner was served city power came on and we all cheered! We had been in the dark with a few simple lanterns before that. Once our food was gone and our bill was paid ($7/person) we headed back on foot.


Finally the week had come to an end and it was time to pack and prepare for our final journey which would bring us home. Our flight was scheduled for 9:20am so we would need to get up at 4 to get on the road by 4:30 am. Another early morning awaits but it is worth it because this one will get us on the journey to be reunited with our families.


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