Saturday Market and Technical School

Saturday! Time to rest, play and go into town. Today was a market day here in town, but some of the missionaries needed to get supplies in a bigger market so we were invited to go with them to the next town over, Petit Goave.



About 15 of us loaded into the vehicles in the morning and started climbing the mountain before heading back down towards the ocean.  Town was bustling. We were split into two groups and given some time to shop. I was on the lookout for clothing for my new sponsored child. Others bought food, spices and personal clothing. It was a great experience to see another town in Haiti and a bigger market.  Before heading back we made a stop next to the ocean and then at a little import store.

goat haiti



Upon returning to Haiti Arise, we realized classes were in session at the Technical School, so Charlene and I headed over to see the classes in action and meet some students. It was wonderful to hear how much they appreciated this school and feel it is far better than anything else in the area. We were given a plaque which will be brought back to hang somewhere in the church.




After lunch some of us headed to the beach for an afternoon swim which was lovely. More lobster for some, trinkets for others, but all enjoyed the beautiful beach!

The evening was spent hanging out, looking at pictures, playing Up the River Down the River and preparing for the skit we would be doing the following day at Tapion Children’s Church.

It was a good day!

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