The Day After and a New Family Member- (Day 5)

Today was a laid back kind of day. Half of the guests from Canada and USA left at 4:30am and the rest of us (approx 15) were left to help clean up and simply rest a bit from the many days of preparation and celebration.


IMG_0397-0.JPGIn the morning I visited the elementary school here on campus.

Later, Charlene and I took on the less than lovely task of cleaning the bathrooms, a much needed job after so many guests.

IMG_0834.JPGCharlene also got a chance to jump into her element as she helped install a drip irrigation system and plant fava beans in the garden.

IMG_0836.JPG In the afternoon a group (including Charlene) headed to the beach to cool down in the bay. I took this rare alone time to take a nap!

Early evening we had the chance to learn and participate in a soil nutrient test from the Children’s Village. Sadly the soil was lacking most of the necessary nutrients so there will be some work to do before a garden can successfully produce. Finally in the evening the gang here did what they do every night, we played a card game well known here called Up the River, Down the River.



The highlight of my day however was assisting Tania, the Haiti Arise Education Fund administrator, to get sponsor updates and enroll new kids into their child sponsorship program. I got to hear some of the stories of the kids and spend a bit more time with them which was wonderful. My husband and I had decided we were going to sponsor a child from here so my eyes and heart were searching for the child we would be connected to for the coming years.

I am happy to share we have decided to sponsor Angeline, an 11- year old girl who has a beautiful spirit about her. She is in 5th grade here at Haiti Arise. She is the youngest of 5 children who live with their mom but have already suffered the loss of their dad. I am yet to hear more details of her story but am excited to start getting to know her and for our family to invest in her through prayer and support. If you would like to sponsor a child or support Haiti Arise, please feel free to go to to learn more.


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