A Grand Event- (day 4)


Everyone is still buzzing from last nights Gala. It was such a success! Nothing like this has ever happened in Grand Goave. You have to keep in mind, this part of Haiti is known as the ‘arm-pit’ of Haiti. His comes strait from Marc and I have heard it from others who have lived here a long time. Having the most famous comedian performing for hours at such a Gala event is unheard of and actually gives people here something to be proud of. The media covered the event and certainly are beginning to see this area with a little different perspective.


Now this brings us to this mornings’ Grand Opening event. For weeks the media has had an eye on Marc and Lisa and Haiti Arise. They showed up in good form, as did local and National dignitaries. Now add our 40+ from US and Canada that includes family, Board members and pastors and mission leaders from supporting churches. Finally add in all the Haiti Arise staff, church members, students and community members- many came to celebrate the success of Haiti Arise.

The stage was set and the campus was clean as it could be, everything in its place. In the final hours the new workshops had been set up to show off all the new tools and equipment (including an operational car hoist), the new generator was up and running; many balloons, flowers and streamers were up to accent the celebrations. Many chairs had been added, the band was practicing and the caterers were cooking delicious food.

The event was to begin at 10 am but in true Haitian time the MC kicked it off around 11:15. After the opening address, we sang the national anthems of Haiti, United State and Canada (as the major supporters of the projects). Then Marc Honorat (founder and CEO of Haiti Arise) was given the honor to speak. He shared the incredible story of Haiti Arise from the early days and unpacked the vision and heart behind the ministry. He also took time to sincerely congratulate and give thanks to the many supporters who have walked with Haiti Arise to this day.

Marc’s speech was followed by many other speeches from the Mayor of Grand-Goave, the Chairman of the International Board, a representative of Cranbrook Medical Team which supported the Zamitay Sant Sante (medical clinic), Pastor Tracy represented CrossRoads Church (the major supporter of the Technical and Professional School), the Congressman of Grand-Goave, as well as the Minister of Social Affairs and a representative from the Canadian Embassy who came from Port au Prince.


After the speeches and formal celebration, the dignitaries were invited to the clinic and the technical school for the official ribbon cutting. Following the ribbon cutting there was a tour and time for Marc and Lisa to speak with the media who had come to cover the event. Finally, all the dignitaries were invited for a formal lunch reception as the rest of the guests were given lunch in the cafeteria of the technical school.

It was a great day of celebration where God was honored and the ministry of Haiti Arise was recognized.


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