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Faros launch

Another exciting moment in the life of the Exarcheia church occurred in September, with the official launch of the Faros ministry.

Faros (“Lighthouse” in Greek) is a ministry aimed at helping unaccompanied refugee minors in Athens.  The project has been developed and will be run by International Aid Services (IAS), a Danish NGO, in partnership with Exarcheia church.

There are thousands of refugee children and teens living on their own on streets of Athens, most of whom have no knowledge of, or access to, the support they need.  Faros will be offering legal and medical assistance, basic education, as well as a safe environment for basic care and play.

Read more about the Faros project

Our personal involvement has been of a practical nature, as Heath oversaw the renovation of the facility, which was once a computer store. There have been some building renovations, lots of painting, and supervision of short-term teams who have come to help.  Heath also had the opportunity to challenge some of the young Greek men in our church to help with this hands-on project, which was a new experience for many of them.


We had a great surprise this summer when a generous family member flew us home to help cater his daughter’s wedding.  We were in Canada for just about a month and enjoyed every minute of this unexpected time with our families.


This fall we had a short visit from our new CTEN pastoral care couple, Bob & B Nesbitt. We loved getting to know them and were really encouraged and challenged by their time with us.  We wish it could have been longer!


While the Nesbitts were with us we celebrated our church’s second baptism service.  A young Afghan woman who has been attending for the past several months took this step of obedience and it was our joy to share it with her.

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