Choosing Life


It was a little bit of a confusing day with some miscommunication today, but we are a team that can go with the flow and we waited until things were figured out. Then we were off in 2 groups to home visits. We bought supplies of sugar, rice, laundry soap bar, and cooking oil. We met families that had next to nothing, are HIV + and yet they choose life. They managed, with the help of CHAP and the financial schemes to borrow money to build houses, businesses and their families and pay the loans back in the allotted time. They told us of their success and how they in turn meet with others to share what they have learned and to encourage them that even though they are positive, they too can choose life and be successful. One lady that certainly got my attention raised her 5 children by herself when her husband died in 1995 of AIDS and then proceeded to build herself a house with 4 rooms. She is certainly a go getter and quitting was not in her vocabulary!

For supper last night we had driver Bob and 2 of his boys join us. They are always a great to have around.

Alas – another great day in Buikwe!

My heart is full and my face smiles… a lot!

Wilma Vander Leek

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