Come on Over for a Coffee!

What does it mean to you when you are invited to someone else’s home? How do you feel? Honored? Do you think “Wow, our friendship is deepening”?

Women’s Outreach has extended an invitation to CrossRoads to come to their place. They want to say “Thank You” to us for the 1,080 pairs of shoes that were entrusted to them for kids in our community, and at the same time tell us about themselves and the services that they provide to families in our community. They will also let us know about further ways that we can get involved with them as they reach out to those in need.

It is also them saying to CrossRoads, “We want to get to know you better. Come on over and let’s learn some more about each other.”

On Monday, October 20 from 6 till 9pm you are invited to stop by Women’s Outreach and meet their staff, take a guided tour of their facility and learn about some of the ways they are making a difference in our city.


If you would like to stop by for a visit could you please let me know first?  We want to be able to give them a heads up on numbers so we have enough coffee and snacks for everyone.

See you there,


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